What is Business Coaching?

Posted on Jun 15, 2016
What is Business Coaching?

From time to time I get asked what is coaching and specifically business coaching. The term intrigues people because the idea of coaching or being coached sounds like a nice thing. It may remind us of a time when we had a sports coach or an invaluable teacher who helped us get better. Business coaching is designed with the same premise but has developed into a process that will work for leaders and organizations based on their specific needs

Coaching is a process of helping others to discover the answers for themselves. A good coach is the conduit to opening up the mind of the coachee to further opportunities and to exploring a new direction or a better way. Coaching is unlocking peoples potential to build the coachees self-belief and awareness.

A well-managed coaching relationship, along with an adequate period of time and a motivated coachee, can lead to impressive results. Usually these coaching partnerships start with the leadership team. A coach will help leaders to work through challenges so that they can transform their learning into results for the organization

Specifically coaches will share conceptual frameworks and metaphors, encourage rigor in the ways that help clients organize their thinking, visioning, planning and expectations. Challenge clients to expand their learning and go beyond their current level of competence. Help to build clients capacities to manage their own anxiety in tough situations

Business coaches draw on their business experience to align with the leadership team on specific actions and goals. They then utilize tools and coaching to work towards solutions and help to define the desired outcome and how to get there. They then continue to work through the organization right through to the front line employees to ensure everyone is aligned on the overall direction.

Coaches also help to ensure there is some accountability to the defined next steps and action plans. In the end the transformation of a team begins with the engagement of the leadership team. Once people are working well together great things can happen and bottom line results will improve.